iOS 6.1 released today

Apple has released iOS 6.1 today. It seems that some issues have been fixed for VoiceOver users.

  • Fixed VO focus issue while navigating the Home screens.
  • Fixed VO will save language setting when changed using the Rotor.
  • Fixed VO will save custom labels.
  • Fixed VO background music in app not choppy.
  • Fixed VO calendar will now display number of events in month view.
  • Fixed VO remembers Screen Curtain state.
  • Fixed VO now more responsive on older devices.

You can update your iOS device by going to the Setting app.

Now go to General and then Software Update.  It will search for the new iOS.

Once it has been found you will see a button that says Download and Install you will want to activate this button and it will install the new iOS.  Please note that the button may just say Install if your device has already downloaded the iOS.  That is fine just activate it and you will be off and running.

Keep watching for more information.

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