iPad VO Controller

Student using the VO Controller

RJ Cooper has created the iPad VO Controller.  The iPad VO (VoiceOver) Controller is a switch interface that connects to an iDevice through Bluetooth using VoiceOver.

Now some caveats:

  • You can only move to the ‘next’ screen object (button, field, list item, etc.) with the right arrow, or ‘back’ an object with the left arrow. There is no up/down, so you must go through everything on the screen many times to get to the bottom right of the screen. If you have long lists, it could take a long time to make it through with a switch interface. This is especially noticeable with the iOS keyboard.
  • Currently, with the VO Controller, there is no hold-down mode (auto-repeat). This will be added this option early in 2013 so the user will be able to hold down one of my buttons to move through multiple screen objects.
  • Not all apps are VO-compatible, even Apple’s.

Learn More by watching the following video:

Read more at http://www.rjcooper.com/ipad-vo-controller/index.html

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