Using Braille Sense as a Braille display with iPhone, iPad, or iPod


Use the following instructions to connect the Braille Sense as a Bluetooth Braille display with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Note: You must be running IOS 4.2 or higher on your i-device in order to use the Braille Sense as a Bluetooth Braille display with VoiceOver. These instructions refer to the iPhone, however, they apply to all compatible i-devices: iPhone 3Gs and higher, iPad, and iPod Touch 3G and later.

On the Braille Sense:

  1. Turn Bluetooth on using “Backspace-dots-3-4-5-6″.
  2. From the Program menu, press u to access the “Utilities” menu, then press s to execute Terminal for Screen reader.
  3. Choose “Bluetooth Serial” as your connection type and pres “Enter”.
  4. Braille Sense OnHand displays “connecting” soon followed by “Terminal Mode”

On the I-Phone:

  1. Navigate to Settings/General/Accessibility/VoiceOver/Braille.
  2. If Bluetooth is not activated on the I-Phone, it will prompt you to do this. WHEN Bluetooth is activated, the I-Phone searches for devices.
  3. The Braille Sense OnHand should appear in the list of available Braille devices.
  4. Double tap the “Braille Sense OnHand” in the Braille devices list.
  5. You are asked for a pin code. Enter any 4 digit code of your choosing.
  6. Double tap the “Pair” button.

Returning to the Braille Sense OnHand:

The Braille Sense OnHand asks for a pin code. Enter the same pin code you entered into the iPhone and press Enter.

You should hear a chime on the iPhone, and the text displayed on the iPhone should appear on the Braille display of your Braille Sense OnHand.

For information on operating the iPhone using the Braille Sense as a Braille Terminal, please refer to Apple’s accessibility website at

To exit “Terminal for Screen reader” press “Backspace-Space-z (dots 1-3-5-6)”.

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